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2015 Expo Report

Expo-Main Mutual Trading’s shows in New York on October 3rd, and in Los Angeles on October 10th, broke records, attracting 130 Japanese food business exhibitors and 4,000+ professional industry guests. These two events, in addition to the Mutual Group Cherry Company’s in Honolulu in early summer, are dedicated...
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New York Weekly Picks!

Updated 8/28/15
150831 MIYAZAKI BEEF SHABUSHABU SOBA Chef's recipe by Chef HIROKI ABE from En Japanese Brasserie INGREDIENTS (2 Portions) Miyazaki Beef 100g Kirishina Soba 1 pack Nagaimo 200g Myoga 1 [A] Maguro Shiro-dashi Shoyu 50cc [A] Dashi Broth 200cc [A] Grapeseed Oil 10cc Optional toppings Shredded Nori (#63893) Wasabi (#33130) COOKING DIRECTIONS
  1. Cut the...
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