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New York Weekly Picks!


Genmai Green Tea
Genmaicha is a Japanese Green tea with roasted brown rice. It creates a really soothing and satisfying flavor. This is a delicious ice cream with a slightly smoky aroma.

Item Number: 40591
Package: 1 Gallon

Hoji Cha
Hoji-cha is Japanese roasted green tea. It is nutty and earthy while retaining the creamy undertones associated with green teas. This Hojicha ice cream is lush, creamy, and it is dense with a roasted, borderline caramelized, hojicha flavor.

Item Number: 40592
Package: 1 Gallon

Black Sesame
Item Number: 1205
Package: 2.5 Gallon

Item Number: 8494
Package: 2.5 Gallon

Red Beans
Item Number: 4913
Package: 2.5 Gallon

Item Number: 40577
Package: 1 Pint. 8pk/cs

Green Tea
Item Number: 4912
Package: 2.5 Gallon

Item Number: 40576
Package: 1 Pint. 8pk/cs

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