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Greetings to Japanese Food Industry Professionals,

Since our founding in 1926, MUTUAL TRADING COMPANY, INC. has followed a path to broaden and to advance the understanding of Japanese food culture in America. Serving clients and the ever-evolving market needs has led us to develop a comprehensive array of Japanese products from Sake and Shochu, specialized foods from pantry goods to super frozen, as well as restaurant supplies and professional kitchenware.

Nowadays, Japanese foods are reaching faraway regions and gaining familiarity amongst the American marketplace. Sushi and Tempura for sure, and with the popular rise in casual dining, Ramen, Udon, and curry have been appearing to further expand the range of Japanese food offerings.

Staying true to the corporate principle of “Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World”, MUTUAL TRADING aims high to further develop and to expand the realm of Japanese food by promoting the true essence of traditional Washoku culture, as well as by pressing ahead to introduce innovative products. As a distributor to Japanese food trade professionals, we strive to provide safe, quality assured products that bring a sense of security, and further, to excel in delivering customer service.

With the industry quickly growing into faraway regions of the world, elevating Washoku culinary techniques and the spirit of Japanese Omotenashi is becoming essential as ever. For those in the trade, chefs training programs and Sake sommelier certifications are offered through our Miyako Sushi & Washoku School and the Sake School of America.

Japanese food is a dynamic industry and is relevant to today’s world. MUTUAL TRADING looks forward to working with you with a shared vision of further acquainting others on the wonders of the Japanese food culture, and of propelling its progress for the next generation of Washoku professionals.

Masatoshi Ohata, President & CEO