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Chef’s Recipe: Sakura Cha-Soba


Recipe by Chef HIROKI ABE from En Japanese Brasseries

[INGREDIENTS] (2 Portion)

  • Hokkaido Shoyu Ikura
  • Cha-Soba 2 servings
  • Sakura no Hana 200cc
  • Sakura no Ha
  • Take Sumi Shio
  • [A] Soumi Tsuyu 100 cc
  • [A] Water 400cc


  1. The Sakura flower and leaves are salted. You need to desalt them by rinsing in a bowl of cold water.
  2. Blanch the desalted Sakura leaves in the [A] mixture. Chill in a refrigerator.
  3. Cook Cha Soba noodles.
  4. Plate Sakura leaves and Soba noodles in a shallow glass bowl, pour chilled 2.and garnish with Ikura.
  5. Place a desalted Sakura flower on top. Sprinkle on some Takesumi Salt.
#40078 CHASOBA IRODORI 10/2.6lbs.
#40350 CHASOBA ZAO 15/500g (1.1lbs.)
#5111 1 F-SHOYU IKURA, OMU GYOREN 12/2.2lbs.
#62053 1 SAKURA NO HANA SHIOZUKE 9/10/1.05oz (ab27)
#64250 1 F-SAKURA NO HA SHIOZUKE 14/400g(200pc) $15.00/ea.
#9629 100g TAKESUMI SHIO 200/100g

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