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Quick & Delicious RAMEN NOODLE

 New York Weekly Picks! UPDATED 9/11/15


Introducing new type of frozen ramen noodle! The production of this frozen Ramen noodles starts with boiled noodles cooked to an optimum state of doneness and flash frozen right away. Flash freezing noodles can retain their quality of freshness...
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Sanma (Pacific Saury)

Updated 8/31/15
Seasonal-Guide---SeptemberMain2 Sanma or Pacific Saury is the quintessential fall fish. In season, the flesh is fatty and delicious. While Sanma can be prepared in various ways, like sashimi or sushi, one of the most popular way to prepare the fish is to simply grill it...
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New York Weekly Picks!

Updated 8/28/15
150831 MIYAZAKI BEEF SHABUSHABU SOBA Chef's recipe by Chef HIROKI ABE from En Japanese Brasserie INGREDIENTS (2 Portions) Miyazaki Beef 100g Kirishina Soba 1 pack Nagaimo 200g Myoga 1 [A] Maguro Shiro-dashi Shoyu 50cc [A] Dashi Broth 200cc [A] Grapeseed Oil 10cc Optional toppings Shredded Nori (#63893) Wasabi (#33130) COOKING DIRECTIONS
  1. Cut the...
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Refreshing Ramen Salad

Ramen-Salad The popularity of Ramen has grown tremendously in the US, with ramen shops popping up everywhere. This summer, add refreshing Ramen Salad to your menu! Served over a bed of salad greens and topped with delicious toppings, this low-cal and delicious salad is a guaranteed crowd...
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